March in Texas

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Yesterday I began the day in shorts and a short sleeved shirt.  Outside, looking over the spoils of hub’s latest fishing trip, the temperature dropped 10 degrees in under five minutes.  A cold wind blew in that felt like someone turned on a window unit full blast.  That wind hasn’t stopped yet.
Tonight we are under a winter storm watch.  Thunder, lightning, and cold rain fill the sky with the promise of freezing.
If you are not from the south you don’t understand how life stands still for a little frozen precipitation.  The sad truth is, we don’t prepare.  We have no reason to.  We know heat. We know hurricanes. We cancel school at the first sign of a snowflake.
Temperatures dipping into the 20’s or even 30’s guarantee mothers across the Bayou City will be tuned in to the 10 pm or 5 am news glued to the screen waiting to hear of school closings.  I will be right there with them.  The thought of making up a day later seems far far away while the possibility of curling up with my boys, a fire, and a book… That seems like heaven.


6 thoughts on “March in Texas

  1. I am in Louisiana and I completely understand. The roads are closed today. Much rain and sleet and yuck! I’ve never seen a Mardi Gras with this kind of winter mix. I’m sure most of the parades will be cancelled. But Sunday was warm and so much fun. I’m holding on to that memory today.

  2. I talked to a friend from Dallas this weekend. She was at a track meet in a t-shirt soaking up the rays. She said it was gorgeous. On Sunday she texted me and said school had been cancelled for Monday already because of the temperature plunge. I imagine you all have to learn how to layer your clothing this time of year. Enjoy all those cuddles.

  3. Yikes! That kind of weather (lightning, wind) makes me want to hide under the couch! In Chicago we’re still blanketed with snow and 20 degree temps. Hope you get a chance to cuddle with your boys.

  4. Wishing you a great day of snuggling and reading! I can certainly understand your appreciation for those rare gifts…though this year, in Michigan, they’re actually not so rare (I think we’ve had 12!!). Be safe!

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