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My first post – Basketball Season 1

My first post, my first day of the Slice of Life challenge…..

See that kid?

He’s mine.

The one on the bench.

The B team player who  plays with his shoes instead of watching  A team .

He’s the one you have to remind “offense,” “defense,” and which man to guard.

He’s the one who will let a rebound fall right in front of him because he’s a little afraid, and a little unsure of what he would do if he caught it.

He’s the one who never picked up a basketball before this season.

He’s the one his team cheers on when the ball hits the backboard in warm-ups.

He’s the one who has yet to score, but he has fun playing.

He’s the one who has “most improved.”

He is the one who, for the first time, knows what it feels like to be part of a team.

Today he was the one walking with his head high, and a little swagger in his step that is new to me, as they called his team for championship trophies.

See that kid?

He’s mine.

And I couldn’t be prouder.