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Summers are hard. I had no idea when shifting roles from teacher to district support just how hard summers would be. This summer we trained a lot of teachers. When I say a lot, I mean drop your jaw, holy cow a LOT.
Summers are exciting. They hold the promise of new learning waiting to be brought into classrooms. They are also in the “honeymoon” period of teacher learning, when everything sounds awesome and implementing large scale change looks completely do-able. By progress report time, some of us have gone from honeymoon straight to “parent of a newborn” mode where we have no sleep, no time, we are totally frazzled and sometimes, admit it, wonder what the hell we were thinking.
Summers are 7-5. Summers are waking my kids and getting them into the car by 6:45 am (most of the time) My guilt of robbing them both of the summers I knew as a child where we slept late, played all day and went on adventures in the woods behind my house is eased a little knowing the work we do in the summer will make a difference for my boys in their classroom each and every day.  (The rocking field trips that daycare provides doesn’t hurt either)

Now, this summer is almost over.  I am wrapping up the end of this season by going back to Teacher’s College next week. I have been inspired by so many of your blogs, tweets and chats that I think it’s time to hold myself a little more accountable. My goal is to write about what I’ve learned each day next week. I’d realy like to follow that up with more online reflection and collaboration.  The work we do is too important not to share.  It is too hard to do alone.  Irene Fountas said it beautifully last year at IRA, “Collegial Generousity goes beyond teachers sharing brownies in the lounge.  Today, teacher isolation is a matter of choice.”

If you happen to be one of the three people who have stumbled across my blog, please feel free to hold me accountable.